Boxes and Storage

Packing a home, business or just a room can be a big undertaking without the proper preparation and moving materials. Before you start, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and calculate how many moving boxes, storage boxes, or how much packing material is needed for your job. Mr Removalist can provide a wide choice of moving packs or individual boxes.

We offer a one time free delivery of boxes and packaging ordered from our store

Item Price Dimensions
Small Box $5.00 L431mm X W406mm X H300mm
Big Box $7.00 L431mm X W406mm X H596mm
Wine Box $5.00 L406mm X W298mm X H431mm
Monitor Box $6.00 L1040mm X W75mm X H775mm
Port-a-robe $23.00 L595mm x W479mm x H1106mm
Box Tape $5.00 per roll
Fragile Box Tape $10 per roll
Packaging Paper $45.00 Full Ream – 2/3 b/r house
Packaging Paper $25.00 1/2 Ream – 1/2 b/r house
Archive/File Box $6.00
Bubble Wrap $2.50 per Metre
Box Tape Dispenser $15.00 each
Couch Bags $4.00 Single, Double and King
Matress Bags $5.00 Single, Double and King
Large Plasma/LCD box $25.00
Item Price
SMALL $210
This package suits a 1 or 2 bedroom house or unit
Small Boxes 20
Big Boxes 10
Packing Paper 1/2 ream
Fragile Box tape 1
Box Tape 2
This pack suits a 3 or 4 bedroom house or uni
Small Boxes 40
Big Boxes 20
Butchers Paper 2 full ream
Fragile Box Tape 2
Box Tape 4/td>
LARGE $680
This pack suits a 5 or 6 bedroom house
Small Boxes 60
Big Boxes 30
Butchers Paper 3 full ream
Fragile Box tape 4
Box Tape 6

Storage Box Self Storage is located in the western suburb of Altona, Melbourne. The self storage facility is purpose built catering for both residential and commercial clients. The facility incorporate some 400 low cost storage units providing our customers with a variety of self storage solutions to store their belongings.

Austpac Self Storage
A bright, modern, storage environment, full of thoughtful ideas that make it easier to move in and out, friendly, experienced people and lots of useful help and advice.

Austpac Self Storage – Now Open – 658 Church Street Richmond Vic 3121.
Ph 1300 488 788 – Mention Mr Removalist and recieve 30% of your first 3 months storage