Removalist Checklist

What can you do when your moving day is messed up by the people you are paying and relying on to help you get it all done?

In 2010, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) received around 420 inquiries and 200 official complaints about removals, freight or shipping services, and another 120 inquiries and 80 complaints up to the end of April this year.

In New South Wales, Consumer Affairs logged 287 complaints about removals last year.

In both states, most complaints related to removalists and mainly involved damage or loss of items while in transit. Delays in delivery, dissatisfaction with the service provided and traders charging above the quoted price were also hot issues.
Make sure you don’t become one of the dissatified customers by following the simple checklist below:

Save money and hassles

Get recommendations from friends or family if you can.
Does your own insurance cover any potential moving damage.
Get more than one written quote.
Be as accurate as you can about the quantity of items to be moved.
Be absolutely ready for the movers.
Pack everything you can in advance.
Try to use uniformly sized boxes.
Box everything, loose items are a nuisance.
Dismantle furniture etc in advance.
Remove hoses from washing machines etc.
Mark boxes clearly with contents and destination rooms.

Removalist checklist

Is it a fixed price or an hourly rate?
Get terms and conditions in writing.
Do they use regular workers or hire casuals?
Services to be provided and the time frame they are to occur in.
What, if any, is the call-out rate?
How will the call-out rate be charged?
Will it cost more if the move takes longer than expected?
Are there additional charges for difficult access to the property?
With hourly rates, does that include travelling time to and from the depot?
What does that add to the total cost?
What else could increase the quoted cost? Heavy or unusual items?
What insurance is offered by the removalist and what does it cover.
Does the company sub contract to other movers if they can’t do the job for some reason and who are they?
Take time to make sure everything has arrived at your new home for before signing off.